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Introducing Playmaker, the ultimate digital platform that will revolutionise the way your fans interact with your club. Playmaker supports any type of professional sports club and allows for a completely custom look and feel, creating a site that will best reflect your brand without compromise. With Playmaker, fans will get the best experience possible while also making it quick and easy to administer your site. With built in integrations to third party providers such as Opta, StreamAMG, Sports Alliance and more, you'll be able to deliver everything fans need in one place.

Drive more club revenue with Playmaker through personalised ads and integration with retail and ticketing platforms to ensure your fans can quickly find content, merchandise, and tickets.

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Bespoke Design
3rd Party Integrations
Simple Editing

Key features

Playmaker allows for a unique look and feel for each club enabling your site to reflect your brand and differentiate your club from the competition. Make each news story or match report stand out with Playmakers' completely customisable templates that can deliver unique layouts for every page.

Playmaker has an incredibly easy to use content management system (CMS). Built from the ground up with user experience at the forefront, your content editors can create rich, engaging content on the site quickly and easily delivering breaking news, updates and driving fan engagement.

Playmaker integrates with industry leading tools to provide you with live streaming, comprehensive sports statistics and enterprise features such as single sign on (SSO). Playmaker supports other platforms such as ecommerce and mobile apps to seamlessly combine your entire digital ecosystem into one manageable platform.

Built as a robust, scalable SaaS platform that can deal with the heaviest loads without compromising on performance, you will have the confidence to do large club announcements or stream live games without worrying about how your club site will cope.

Moving our site over to Playmaker has been a seamless experience. We no longer have the performance issues we were experiencing and our content editors love working with it. Overall, the Playmaker platform has given us the tools to allow us to deliver against our targets for this year and given us the confidence to set more ambitious targets for next year.

- Richard Pepper, Head of Digital, Wolverhampton Wanderers
Wolves website screenshot

Case Study


Premiership football club Wolverhampton Wanderers FC moved over to Playmaker and the platform delivered a huge upgrade over their existing site. While keeping the distinctive Wolves brand, the new club site has proven much easier to use and has enabled Wolves to get more interesting and varied content out quicker, and easier, than ever before.

Playmaker has reduced site load times by a staggering 90% as well as eliminating issues with outages and performance during traffic spikes. The Playmaker content delivery network has given users all around the world a better experience, which is critical for clubs like Wolves that has a global audience.

Commercial products such as ticketing, video, memberships and merchandise, are cleverly integrated with site content to maximise revenue generating opportunities. This is achieved with integrations with Wolves' specialist third party partners such as Opta, Sports Alliance, StreamAMG, Ticketmaster and Retail Sports Systems.